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Mallorcas Most Unique Villa 

White Falcon is blessed with a piece of Mallorca´s heritage within her estate. The White Falcon Cave is a unique cave as it is where the stone for the Mallorca Cathedral originated from. White Falcon's name came from the statue placed in the cave to signal to captains where to return for the stone - the statue was named ´White Falcon´. 

The cave can now play an important part in your life, from breathtaking private dinners to hosting extraordinary events, the cave is the perfect location to host guests and create unique experiences.


Set over two floors and 2,052m2, the cave is fitted with a kitchen, bar, lounges and two dining areas - you are spoilt for choice when it comes to hosting options. You can access the cave via your own glass elevator or via the stone staircase taking you 27.5m down to the cave entrance. 

The cave also has an exquisite terrace which then further leads to rare, private direct sea access where you can go for a swim or even dock your own yacht. 

White Falcon Luxury Villa Mallorca Cave and Direct Sea Access

Dine in Style

Unique Dining

Create a dining experience to remember. With direct sea views and sheltered by the walls of the cave you can create the type of experience you want from romance to electric energy, the choice is yours. 

White Falcon Luxury Villa Mallorca Cave and Direct Sea Access

Treat your Guests

Underground Bar

With a fully equipped and stylishly designed bar and lounge, your guests can feel at home even in an underground in a cave.

White Falcon Luxury Villa Mallorca Cave and Direct Sea Access

Avoid the Crowds

Private Sea Access

Feeling like you want a morning dip in the sea? No worries! You can access the sea via your own private staircase and walk straight into the sea. There is even a shower to rinse off when you come out.

Private Yacht Docking

White Falcon Villa is one of the only villas in Mallorca with not only private direct sea access but also the ability to dock your yacht straight to your property. 

You can be picked up and dropped off by boat directly to your property - there is now no longer to have to travel to the port to board your yacht. 


Private Events in White Falcon Cave

The White Falcon Cave is the perfect location for your private events. It is spacious enough to have performers, DJs, Chefs, waiters, a dance floor and more! The best part about the cave is that the sound is reflected out to sea, so no need to worry about waking up the neighbours...



A Key Landmark In Mallorca´s History 

White Falcon Villa´s name originates from its heritage of the ´White Falcon´rock statue placed in the cave of the main villa. The cave is where the workers collected the stone to build the iconic Palma Cathedral. The ´White Falcon´statue signalled to where the captains had to sail back to for extracting more stone when needed.


When architect Alberto Rubio was creating the design of the villa he wanted it to reflect the vital heritage of the land. So he designed the main villa to reflect a ´White Falcon´ from above.  


Take a trip to Cap Falco

Just a short walk from the stunning White Falcon Villa is the picturesque beach Cala Cap Falco.

The beach boasts clear, calm waters and areas of white sand perfect for sunbathing. The cala is also home to Cap Falco, a beach restaurant with a boho, surfer-style, fun vibe which serves outstanding food, fresh cocktails, and exquisite wines. It is a great place to visit for a fun afternoon out with friends.

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