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White Falcon Villa Mallorca from above


Architect Alberto Rubio

Alberto Rubio is the architect behind the design of the White Falcon Villa and the 'Bird House' styled homes in Mallorca.

White Falcon Villa´s name originates from its heritage of the ´White Falcon´rock statue placed in the cave of the main villa. The cave is where the workers collected the stone to build the iconic Palma Cathedral. The ´White Falcon´statue signalled to where the captains had to sail back to for extracting more stone when needed.

When architect Alberto Rubio was creating the design of the villas he wanted it to reflect the vital heritage of the land. So he designed the main villa in his style to reflect the famous ´White Falcon´ from above.

White roofs and undulating curves that are in harmony with nature the sea, the sky, the coastline” – Alberto Rubio was also inspired to make beautiful homes such as White Falcon from the stunning landscape of Mallorca.

Flowing undulating lines from the center to the wings create sweeping curves, spacious open-plan interiors and and intricate web of beautiful beamed vaulted ceilings. The outdoor spaces offer curved terraces, large infinity pools and outdoor dining and kitchen areas.

Alberto Rubio states: "The buyer of these houses will not only become the proud owner of a fantastic Mallorca property, but also possess a unique piece of architectural artwork."

You can now purchase your own architectural artwork in the shape of a White Falcon on the beautiful South West coast of Mallorca.

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