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White Falcon Villa Mallorca from above


The Construction of the Palma Cathedral

White Falcon Villa´s name originates from its heritage of the ´White Falcon´rock statue placed in the cave of the main villa. The cave is where the workers collected the stone to build the iconic Palma Cathedral. The ´White Falcon´statue signalled to where the captains had to sail back to for extracting more stone when needed.

Palma Cathedral is one of the most spectacular works of Gothic architecture in Spain and is a monument of Mallorca. Located in the centre of palma, next to the sea, Palma Cathedral, popularly called La Seu, was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument, and attracts thousands of people every year to marvel in her beauty.

Its construction began in 122

9 and finished in 1601,making the build time a total of 372 years in total. This Mallorcan cathedral was built on the foundations of an ancient mosque and the Roman walls that protected the city. The stone for the cathedral was famously taken from Portals Vells or otherwise known as three finger bay, and less famously was also collected from the White Falcon Cave which now sits under the Main Villa of the White Falcon Estate.

The original White Falcon statue which signified where captains should go to pick up the stone, is still standing proudly in the cave until this day.

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